Investment Criteria

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Investment Criteria


We are looking for companies that operate in rapidly growing, international markets: Companies that have clear potential to become leaders in their niches; Companies that have a high potential of revenue growth in combination with economies of scale, such that the achieved revenue growth translates into the business becoming highly profitable.


The company’s products should have clear advantages over the competition: Advantages that are sustainable when emerging niche markets, inefficient by nature, flesh out and become an arena of international competition. Such sustainability could be underpinned by patents, or by other protection of IPR, brand ownership, customer tie-in, or a clear advantage with respect to time to market.


Finally, we are looking for companies with clear exit possibilities, either by a sale to a strategic partner (which can accelerate company’s revenue growth and exploit the company’s potential economies of scale) or through an IPO. We will actively work with the entrepreneurs to explore and exploit such exit possibilities. Again, “We are in this together”.