Pieter van der Made

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Pieter van der Made, Managing Partner


Over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur. Technical background (Dr. Ir. Physics, Delft University of Technology). Co-founded Jason Geosystems (1985), became CEO a number of years later. Jason became a highly successful international software technology company, with offices in 10 countries, and with all major international oil companies as clients. In 2002, sold Jason to Fugro, in a very successful transaction for key staff and VC investors. After the acquisition, continued as CEO of Jason for a number of years. Afterward embarked on various commercial and non-commercial activities. Co-founded OTM Investments and currently OTM’s managing director. Member of the Board at Imprima BV (www.imprima.com, acquired by OTM in November 2014) and MADS BV (www.mads.com, investment since 2011).